Pre Operative Surgical Information

Surgery will help restore your mouth to health and function. By carefully following our instructions both before and after your surgery, you can maximize your comfort and minimize changes in your daily routine.

  • Unless prescribed by your physician, do not take any aspirin or aspirin containing drugs for seven days prior to your surgery; Tylenol may be taken as needed.
  • Please advise us of any new medications not listed on your health history form, especially aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix, or other blood thinners.
  • If you are having oral sedation for your surgery, you must have a driver escort you to and from your appointment. Remind your driver to accompany you into the office. You should remain in the company of a responsible adult until you are fully alert. You may not drive a motor vehicle for 24 hours. Advise your employer that time off from work may be needed the day after surgery.
  • Rinse with the prescription Chlorhexidine (Peridex) morning and evening starting two days prior to surgery if it is prescribed for you.
  • Stop smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery.
  • Be sure to bring any removable bridges or temporary teeth to your appointment.
  • Take the pre-surgical antibiotics and sedatives, if prescribed, one hour before your appointment. Take all your routine medications with a minimum of fluids. Eat lightly, avoid caffeine drinks, clean your teeth thoroughly and rinse with Chlorhexidine if prescribed. Wear comfortable clothing.